fredag, juni 03, 2011

Giftcard - Kort från Roz

Jag fick ett helt underbart kort av min kompis Roz för ett tag sedan, kolla in :D som ni förstår jag avgudar de så himla coolt :D

Look, I got this lovely card from my friend Roz, it´s amazingly, I love it :)
Thanks a lot again, I really love this card it is beautiful :)

Please look at Roz wonderfull cards, they are amazing.

hihi here is a new picture of little Z-odd :)

3 kommentarer:

rozzy sa...

so pleased you love the card Mia. i really enjoyed making it. i will be adding a tutorial to make the basic card shape very soon
hugs rozzy xx

tracy sa...

its lovely mia, roz does some wonderfull projects, your one lucky lady lol.
tracy xxx

Maymac sa...

It is a fabulous card Mia. Roz is so clever and makes really wonderful cards. You are so lucky to have received one of her creations