måndag, maj 18, 2015

Tsunami Rose - DT - I have alter a can


Today I want to show a little someting :)

I got the printables papers New Beginning from Tsunami Rose and I love them, they are amazing.
I have alter a little  Pringles Can

 I have use the papers and tickets from the Printable papers New Beginning :)

Use some lace, flowers, flatback beadstring and some Butterfly in papers

 1 more pics of the can 

 on the cap of the can I have made a clayframe ( martha stewart molds and clay) and then put a picture from the printables New Begining papers :)

and a beforebild of the can :) hopefully you think its prettier now :)
Have a great day, please leave a comment

hugs MP

1 kommentar:

Astrid sa...

Its a beautiful creation Mia, and ohhh i did not know it was a pringles box.
Hugs Astrid